what is the correct workflow to import skinned mesh?
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Author:  Xanto [ 21.10.2019, 15:47 ]
Post subject:  what is the correct workflow to import skinned mesh?

I'm trying to import a skinned mesh into Horde 1.0 Beta5. Searching in this forum, I can't undestand what is the right workflow for this task.
Usually, I use Blender as DCC application and to interchange the mesh format.
Could someone explain which are the steps to import this kind of asset into Horde3D, with less hassle as possible, please?
Thanks in advance, best regards.


Author:  Irdis [ 21.10.2019, 21:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: what is the correct workflow to import skinned mesh?

Horde's typical workflow is:
1) export the model from DCC to collada file (opencollada exporter is preferred). As Blender's exporter is based on opencollada it should be fine.
2) convert the model using the horde's collada converter. It will generate the scene file, the geometry file and material files. You can convert just the model or (as far as I remember) model and its animations.
3) If you need just the animations, you can instruct the collada converter to generate only animation data (add -type anim to command line).
4) If you just want to test your model, you can use horde's editor to view and modify the model. Otherwise, you can probably use the knight example to rapidly check your skinned model by loading your model instead of the knight model.

You should probably use a more recent version, like stable 1.0 version or develop branch from github.

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