FCollada as collada lib
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Author:  tlaukkan [ 15.05.2009, 19:01 ]
Post subject:  FCollada as collada lib

Is Horde3D ColladaConv using FCollada in the conversion process? If I understood it correctly it would provide some ready API functions for handling collada files...



Author:  marciano [ 16.05.2009, 09:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: FCollada as collada lib

We have our custom Collada parser which works quite well now. FCollada is way too heavyweight for Horde.

Author:  tlaukkan [ 17.05.2009, 07:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: FCollada as collada lib


I really appreciate all the hard work put to horde3d and ColladaConv. Horde3d is a great platform for building 3d applications and I am enjoying working with it.

Currently I am playing with the ColladaConv.exe. It looks like that the generated material file references images from the generated model directory but does not copy images there. Is this a bug or by design? Should the images be copied manually to the generated model directory?

When people have large model repositories with shared image directories it could be nice option to be able to reference the images from the original location.


Author:  Volker [ 17.05.2009, 07:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: FCollada as collada lib

Not really a bug, just a feature that hasn't been implemented so far.

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