Overlays : a limit to what you can draw?
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Author:  upseen [ 10.09.2012, 13:24 ]
Post subject:  Overlays : a limit to what you can draw?


I noticed a strange behavior of overlays when I tried to draw a huge amount of quads (text) as an overlay, and I only have around 409 quads shown on the screen. I tried to change the order of drawing if ever it was my mistake but the last quads to be drawn are always the ones omitted, so I was thinking if there was a limit to that :/

Well, what i need to know really is if there's a way to bypass that limit (since it's not documented at all, maybe it's a bug), and if yes, how?

thank you!

I did some tests about it, running this code in the example material :
inline float ovRel(float coord) { return coord / 1080; }
for (int x = 0; x < 30; ++x) {
    for (int y = 0; y < 30; ++y) {
        // A small overlay test
        const float ovQuad[] = {
            ovRel(x*12.f),ovRel(y*12.f), 0.f, 1.f,
            ovRel(x*12.f), ovRel(y*12.f+10.f), 0.f, 0.f,
            ovRel(x*12.f+10.f), ovRel(y*12.f+10.f), 1.f, 0.f,
            ovRel(x*12.f+10.f), ovRel(y*12.f), 1.f, 1.f
        h3dShowOverlays(ovQuad, 4, 1.f, 1.f, 1.f, 0.5f, whiteRes, 0);

Shows exactly 512 quad. Not enough for me :(

Author:  upseen [ 10.09.2012, 15:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Overlays : a limit to what you can draw?


I had to change the value of "MaxNumOverlayVerts" in egRenderer.h and recompile the library, that fixed it but by setting it to a higher value (20460) I made my app a bit more memory hungry, nothing to complain about in a video game :lol:

Still, I wish something about this limit was in the documentation, it left me anxious for a while and pushed me to look at Horde3D's source for the first time...

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