shadow problems
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Author:  shd [ 24.01.2013, 01:21 ]
Post subject:  shadow problems

i'm lurking here for quite a while but i don't really have any time for my hobby game, and i didn't played with graphics before, so sorry for (hopefully) basic question.

I got this strange shadow artifacts, and brainlessly fiddling with shadow parameters just makes them different. I can't get rid of them.
* they move with camera
* when i set high fov they invert
* when i set the scale up the light they change into thinner strips
* when i move the light closer they're bigger but softer

Could anybody tell me why they appear and what should i do to make them gone?
<Light name="Light" tx="0" ty="0" tz="0" rx="-45" ry="-45" rz="-45" sx="0.0003f" sy="0.0003f" sz="0.0003f" lightingContext="LIGHTING" col_R="0.9607843137254902" col_G="0.8705882352941177" col_B="0.7019607843137254" shadowMapEnabled="true" material="materials/light.material.xml" shadowContext="SHADOWMAP" shadowMapBias="0.001f" shadowMapCount="4" radius="4000" fov="90" shadowSplitLambda="0.5f"/>

scale of parent is 4000 - that's the reason why my scales are so small

ahh... and now when fov = 90 this absolute shadow is coming from the light direction (cone)

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