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PostPosted: 31.01.2010, 22:23 

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May be useful to others, GroupNodes don't update their bounds (which is sensible) so I made a quick change to have them determine their bounds when it's asked for through the API.

In egMain.cpp
DLLEXP void h3dGetNodeAABB( NodeHandle node, float *minX, float *minY, float *minZ,
                            float *maxX, float *maxY, float *maxZ )
   SceneNode *sn = Modules::sceneMan().resolveNodeHandle( node );
   VALIDATE_NODE( sn, "h3dGetNodeAABB", EMPTY );

    if (sn->getType() == SceneNodeTypes::Group)
    if( minX != 0x0 ) *minX = sn->getBBox().min.x;
    if( minY != 0x0 ) *minY = sn->getBBox().min.y;
    if( minZ != 0x0 ) *minZ = sn->getBBox().min.z;
    if( maxX != 0x0 ) *maxX = sn->getBBox().max.x;
    if( maxY != 0x0 ) *maxY = sn->getBBox().max.y;
    if( maxZ != 0x0 ) *maxZ = sn->getBBox().max.z;
    if (sn->getType() == SceneNodeTypes::Group) //a little gross, but it's grosser if we don't clear it

In egScene.h - GroupNode class declaration
void calculateBBox();

In egScene.cpp
void GroupNode::calculateBBox()
    for (std::vector<SceneNode*>::iterator it = _children.begin(); it != _children.end(); ++it) {
        if (*it) {
            if ((*it)->getType() == SceneNodeTypes::Group)
            if ((*it)->getType() == SceneNodeTypes::Group) //gross

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PostPosted: 02.02.2010, 23:17 
Engine Developer

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Thanks. We used to have an AABB tree for culling but updating it has a considerable performance overhead (a lot of cache misses), that's why it was removed. Some different spatial structure will be used instead in the future.

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