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PostPosted: 09.02.2011, 19:18 

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helloo Every 1
This is Imran and I just started using horde3D game engine so feeling a little bit problems with few things I hope the people who
are already using it will not hesitate helping.

Using :::
Horde3d (downloaded from SVN repository by student account)
Visual Studio 2010

I took the tutorials from this sight http://hcm-lab.de/projects/GameEngine/doku.php/docs:tutorials

any1 can use it surely its very useful, , while using this i faced a little problem as i am novice user of it ...

The problem :: I implemented a function in tutorial 4 of the above given link and came to know that blink eye event is not working properly
its not giving any kind of error , it compiles and runs well but on the place where i have given the key that it should blink eye it doesn't work for both characters
I don't know whats the problem

2nd Problem
Regarding tutorial 5 : I am curious to know How to create a controller for that

I surely will appreciate the helping person
Regards Imran

my question is

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PostPosted: 10.02.2011, 08:01 

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Hi Imran,

Regarding problem 1:
I assume you are trying to use the IK_GAZE event. The non responsiveness you described can have many causes.
Did you add the IK attachment to your entities in the XML file ?
Did you try using the IK_gaze function instead of the event ?

Please post an extract of your code so i can provide a more accurate answer.


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PostPosted: 10.02.2011, 18:35 

Joined: 09.02.2011, 17:02
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Hello Johny

Firstly Thank U so much for replying me when i was alot upset as evrything is new to me

first thing is i m using blink eye event i tried as u said adding IK file in XML and i guess i was correct at adding in tht
i m attaching a picture here so tht u can check if i added correctly the IK at its place in XML or not

kindly see pic "a" in my attached pictures ......

but i get an error
XML Parsing Error inside file 'model_scene_file_name'.
Error: File not found
At line 0, column 0

On ur directions i tried using ik gaze function and i added ik files in xml u can see picture "c" and check if i m adding correctly on correct place

if (m_keys['L'])

float target_x = 0 + (1.0f/rand());
float target_y = 0 + (1.0f/rand());
float target_z = 0 + (1.0f/rand());

GameEngine::IK_gaze( m_characterID, target_x, target_y, target_z, true, true, true, 0 );

but it give me an error as follows

>DemoApp.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__IK_gaze
1>C:\Users\Imran\Documents\WorkspaceHorde3D\Tools\GameEngine\/bin/DemoAppd.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

Kindly help and if u can tell me where i can find for implementing a control on the character do refer some link plz

Regards Imran Habib

c.png [ 72.54 KiB | Viewed 12028 times ]
a.png [ 58.99 KiB | Viewed 12028 times ]

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Shrunken pics, removed unnecessary image for quoting error message
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PostPosted: 10.02.2011, 21:43 
Tool Developer

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An error saying file not found, seems quite obvious for me. So the question is why can the file not be found. Maybe you can set a breakpoint within the code where the file should be loaded and check if the working folder is not set to the same path your file 'model_scene_file_name' is placed. Or can it be that the model_scene_file_name is only ment as a placeholder?

The linker error is caused by a missing symbol from the IK GameEngine component. I don't know the IK component, but either there is no such method exported from the DLL or you just missed to link against the component (specify dependency within visual studio might be enough).

Last but not least, I kindly ask you not to post big pictues where a textual quote can be used. Our server space is not unlimited and it is also much easier to read. And if you still think you must upload an image, please crop it to the essential content.

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PostPosted: 11.02.2011, 16:01 

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Hello Volker
Firstly heartly gratitude
secondly sorry for mistake that i did about uploading big pictures, i will try not repeating it ...
Thirdly I tried what u pointed out , and now i gave the exact location like
and it doesnt give any error but gives an exception

Unhandled exception at 0x088b2650 (GameIKComponentd.dll) in DemoAppd.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000020

and opens a file in visual studio joint.cpp

To bring into ur notice once again I am really sorry i am very new to this horde3D game Engine and game development so i am facing problems
in the begining :(
I shall appreciate ur directions, looking forward for ur reply
Thanks again
Regards Imran habib

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PostPosted: 11.02.2011, 16:02 

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and sorry i forgot mentioning 1 point about dependency i would say i checked Ikcomponent dependency
its added

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PostPosted: 11.02.2011, 16:22 

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Hello again Volker

Great great great :D
its working now I think file name was the wrong 1 I was giving the wrong file name anyways it works super awesome
and it moves his head to one side "I dun know if is this what gaze function had to do or something else"

anyways now i got an idea that may b I shall check for proper xml file to b added but in case of blink eye context i must say I think I dun have to add
any attachment m i right it doesn't give any error but his eye doesn't blink

regards Imran Habib

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