OpenGL 4 render interface
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Author:  Irdis [ 11.07.2016, 11:32 ]
Post subject:  OpenGL 4 render interface

Hello everyone.
As I pointed out earlier in forum's General Section, I was porting Horde to OpenGL 4 render interface. You can have a look at it now:

What is implemented:
- fully functional in OpenGL core profile (minimal tested version - GL 3.3).
- all types of shaders (geometry, tesselation, compute). Not thoroughly tested yet.
- you can specify what render interface to use: GL4 or GL2. Engine will fallback to GL2 if GL4 is unavailable.
- small performance optimizations in h3dRender function.
- CRTP variation is used instead of virtual functions for render interface class. In release version function call performs like a direct call because of inlining, in debug version it can be a bit slower than virtual function.
- texture buffers for massive data exchange with shaders. Can be used for skinning for practically unlimited joint count per mesh. Not yet implemented for skinning and not tested yet.

- add sample for geometry and compute shaders
- modify terrain extension to use tesselation shaders

Further plans:
- implement OpenGL ES 3 render interface

Questions and bug reports are welcome :D

Author:  Volker [ 17.07.2016, 22:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: OpenGL 4 render interface

Unfortunately I don't have the time for taking a deeper look at your code or do any testing. But I really thank you for your effort and if you think it has a state where it is mostly stable, feel free to do a pull request to the GitHub repo

Author:  Volker [ 13.04.2017, 18:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: OpenGL 4 render interface

Just merged your pull request. Thanks again for your big contribution. Maybe we can create a new official release with all those new features. But not sure when I will find the time to do some tests and prepare a release.

Author:  Irdis [ 13.04.2017, 22:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: OpenGL 4 render interface

Well, testing never hurts, but it should be pretty stable. Actually, for the last 5-6 months we tested it in our everyday work. Documentation is regenerated and I added new information about supported shader types.
OpenGL ES 3 render interface is also under development, it works pretty well, but currently has issues with deferred shading and msaa.

Author:  Volker [ 19.04.2017, 16:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: OpenGL 4 render interface

I tested it under Ubuntu 17.04 with Mesa 17 and an Intel Haswell IGP. It worked so far within it's limitations (no OpenGL 4.0 available only 3.0) but I still had some problems with the fallback. I fixed them and pushed it to the develop branch. Will try to find an OpenGL 4 compatible device and test the rest if possible.

I just got a small test project including blender and Horde at work where I'm using the editor. So I added the Horde3D editor to my local repository (not yet pushed). Maybe I will find some time to polish the editor workflow a bit and commit it later. The public SVN provided by the university is not in my focus now for several years, and as far as I know, no one cares about the editor there anyway so having it on a more public site like github feels more natural to me.

The new blender exporter from the University of Augsburg seems to work quite well. At least it worked out of the box (apart of having the material pointing to a shader that was not available), whereas the Collada export from blender did not (missing texture export).

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