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How to contribute

There are three main channels to contribute to the Horde3D project:

  1. Forum: contribute to create a friendly community.
  2. Wiki: help us documenting the project.
  3. GitHub: use your coding skills to improve the technology.

Report an issue

To report an issue, please use the official Issue Tracker at:

Become a contributor

To contribute with code, please follow this workflow:

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Clone it on your machine.
  3. Code it!
  4. Commit & push back to your fork.
  5. Prepare a pull request.

Repository structure

According to the project vision of to be simple, the official GitHub repository contains two branches:

  • master: last stable release + critical fixes. It could generate new releases.
  • develop: last stable release + critical fixes (merged from master) + new (almost stable) features. It cannot generate new releases.

Release policy

When the codebase is considered stable on develop branch, it is merged back to master brach and a new release is generated.


You are not allowed to upload copyright protected files. You should commit only tested things and should not upload code that does not compile on your own development platform. If you are not sure if things you've developed are running on other platforms please specify in your pull request, so other people get informed and can test it on their platforms.

We can only accept code that is distributed under the EPL license or a compatible license and assume that your submission is under that (EPL) license if not specified otherwise.

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