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The Sound Extension extends Horde3D with the capability of 3D positional audio with the help of OpenAL. It was designed to integrate as nicely as possible with Horde3D, therefore it lacks support for streaming resources. This means the whole audio file will be read and decoded all at once, which can be quite time consuming for larger files.

The extension currently decodes ogg vorbis and wave audio files but decoders for more formats can quite easily be implemented. See the decoder.h file for documentation on how to implement more audio decoders.


Installation Windows

To install the extension, copy the Extensions directory to the path where the Horde3D SDK resides. In Visual Studio, add the extension, sample, ogg, vorbis and vorbisfile projects to the Horde3D solution. Then add the extension project to the project dependencies of the Horde3D Engine and the Horde3D Engine to the dependencies of the Sound Sample. After that, include 'Sound/Source/extension.h' in 'egExtensions.cpp' of the engine and add '#pragma comment( lib, "Extension_Sound.lib" )' to link against the sound extension. Finally, add the following line to ExtensionManager::installExtensions to register the extension:

installExtension( Horde3DSound::getExtensionName, Horde3DSound::initExtension, Horde3DSound::releaseExtension );

The extension is then part of the Horde3D DLL and can be used with the Horde3DSound.h header file.

Using the extension

To use the extension a sound device needs to be opened for playback, then a listener node needs to be created and activated. The activated listener node will act as the ears and all 3D sound calculations will be based on that node's position and orientation. Then you can start creating sound resources, attaching them to sound nodes and start playing the nodes.

OpenAL will need to be installed to be able to run any applications using the Sound Extension.

Obtaining the extension

The extension can either be downloaded here or from the community svn.


1.0.1 - Adapted to Horde3D 1.0.0 Beta3
1.0    - Initial release

Sound Extension
The Sound Extension extends Horde3D with the capability of 3D positional audio.
Version: 1.0.1
Compatible with Horde3D: 1.0.0 Beta 3
Release date: 2009-03-17
Author(s): Ulf Nilsson Tännström
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