Horde3D - Next-Generation Graphics Engine

Core team

People who are pushing the development of Horde3D

Nicolas 'marciano' Schulz - Founder (Contact)


Nicolas is the founder and lead developer of this project. He has been an enthusiastic engine programmer for many years and has worked on several projects. He likes the elegance of simple code and is crazy about cool graphics. He studied for his master degree at the University of Augsburg and is now working as a graphics engineer in the games industry.

Volker Vogelhuber - Maintainer (Contact)


Volker is the developer of the official Horde3D Scene Editor. During his studies he has done computer vision for several years. He was working as a research assistant at the University of Augsburg where he was especially interested in game engine concepts. Consequently he was also heavily involved in the discussion of Horde3D integration issues.


People who have helped and deserve thanks

Horde3D uses Sean Barrett's stbi for image loading and Marcin Kalicinski's RapidXML for xml-processing. The samples are based on GLFW for easy cross-platform support.


The major part of the graphics engine was originally written for the indie group pyropix and development is now continued at the University of Augsburg, funded by the Chair for Multimedia Concepts and Applications (Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André, Dr. Klaus Dorfmüller-Ulhaas).

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